where can i brush up on my basic math online?

where can i brush up on my basic math online?
basically i finally get to go back to school to get a BS in zoology and i need to pass the placement test from pre-algebra through geometry so i can “speed” my way to the harder classes such as calculus and statistics of science. i bought some demystified math books to help brush up but are there a few online sites that help? i really dont want to repeat classes i’ve taken in highschool. thx!

Suggestion by Kenneth L
Try (www.purplemath.com) and it should be very helpful.

It doesn’t include any advanced mathematical concepts like calculus of trigonometry,but it’s good enough to get your through most of precalculus and college algebra.

Or, try answering some questions on Yahoo!Answers.

Buy some books also.

If you can really read (probably get 700+ on English SAT), go to (mathworld.wolfram)

That may not be the full name of the website, but it should lead you somewhere lol.

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How can I show “pictorial examples of integer problems”?
I am in 8th grade, and I have a project due tomorrow for math class (pre – algebra). Can someone tell me how I’m supposed to show this? Here are the actual instructions: “Design a poster that shows pictorial examples of all of the different types of integer problems.”


Suggestion by M R
“pictorial” only means picture, or a graph.
and integer(a whole number) problems means negative,positive integers, a number line, dividing,multiplying,subtracting,adding integers, integer coordinates in a grid,etc
if you need additional help look online…

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